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18 May 2011
another camp set!


I like how this outfit is more casual but still really feminine and pretty.
(Click on images to be directed to wear they came from) Via and Forever 21.

I am going to camp! I usually hate (emphasize on hate) camp. Bugs, sweat, cabins etc. Not my thing at all. However, I am actually attending an acting camp for three weeks (how will I go without blogging for three weeks?!) in upstate New York. I’m wicked excited and hope that all the girls won’t be way too stylish in camping attire, lol.

First, how will I go without blogging for three weeks!? I’ll sneak away and tweet an outfit once or twice 😉 It’s such an opportunity for me so I hope that this will be the start of something new!
To the good stuff. I’m thinking maxi skirts, bedazzled aztec like sandals and minimal jewelry. Since I’ll most likely be on stage compared to in the forest I can stay somewhat in my normal range of attire. However, I have to be nice and comfy for moving around etc! I want to be packing light but have clothes that can be worn in several different ways. LnA tees are so comfy and so versatile, so I think I’ll be having to get some more of those. I also lovee cotton blazers and paired with a maxi skirt, the outfit is complete. Topped off with a wide brim hat and sunglasses, tada 🙂
P.S. Next post is an outfit post! Have you liked my picture yet on Dylan and Rose’s facebook page? It’s also on my facebook page too! I’m in a Topshop dress and Steve Madden heels 🙂
P.P.S. I’m one follower away from 180!!! I would loveee if one of you lovely darlings would follow me and be my 180th follower 🙂

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