Honey bees

26 April 2011


Lace top- Forever 21
Denim vest- Forever 21
Denim shorts- Vintage
Coral shoes- H&M
Brooch- Icing
Flower bracelet- Vintage
Evil eye bracelet- Sparkle

This was the outfit I had on today, which was actually all new items! Over spring break (which ended now 🙁 I went shopping and found some really fab clothing for spring/summer which are key pieces! I saw in a recent Teen Vogue that every one should invest in a denim vest. Since I already have a denim jacket, I thought a vest would be perfect for this season! I paired it with my new lace top that I love because of the vintage looking buttons down the middle. Also, my new vintage bracelet that I found vintage shopping which I absolutely love! And than my evil eye pink bracelet that I’ve had for a while now. I think everyone should really invest in a denim vest and some really cute open toed sandals because those are going to be the staples for this weather and season. *The brooch was a little Ms.Fashionista touch! It can also be a hair clip which I think is so cute.*

Have a wonderful day! Where I am its 80 degrees right now!
P.S. Next couple of posts are fab! I will be most likely doing a prom post and than many more after!
P.P.S. Ignore my abnormally red face. I just got back from track and am SO hot!

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