1 February 2011

I wanted to do a post on the new mag I got- People Style Watch. It’s the one with Kim Kardashian on the cover. Their was so many new trends in the mag so I thought I would just tell you all the new trends in for this season!

First, flowy tops are in. I personally love them because you can pair them with anything from skinnies to leggings and heels. Try to go with a light/dark colored shirt that accentuates (curves) if you have them! It doesn’t matter what type of body you have, flowy tops work with everyone! Look for these tops at Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Sak’s Fifth Avenue, TJ.Maxx, JCPenney.
Slouchy bags are seen a lot on celebs lately. The simple shape is on-trend, and the color makes it stand it. Opt for either a brown or black bag or pastel colors like blue and pink. A slouchy bag looks fab with a simple outfit, like a mini dress, jeans and heels or a professional outfit. You can find these at Sak’s, Nordstrom’s, Forever 21, H&M, Mondani, Old Navy, Kenneth Cole.
Blazers are, of course, everywhere now- a-days! I love them and you can wear them with anything! Like a black blazer with boyfriend jeans, a dress, skirt, leggings etc. Go for a black or grey one. You want it to match with everything you have. Even try the slouchy bag with it! They can be found literally everywhere, but I like the ones at Topshop,, H&M, Urban Outfitters.
Wedges are back in for the summer! At Milk and Honey shoes, you can create your own shoes and wedges are one of the top picks people have created. Anywhere from canvas, leather, rope, cork etc. wedges work with everything. They can give an outfit a laid back look if you wear them to places like the beach or out to the park, and can dress up a more professional look if you opt for leather or cork ones at work/school. They can be found at Dolce Vita, DSW Shoes,,, Steve Madden.
Buster dresses have been seen a lot lately. I love strapless ones with a bold color. Go for ones with a waistband to either accentuate your curves or make your waist look a teeny bit smaller. They look fab with faux leather jackets and aviator sunglasses. Can be found at MINKPINK, Rebecca Taylor, Kohl’s.
Denim! Yes ladies, it’s back in style! I personally don’t like denim on denim (which seems to be very in), so go for either a denim skirt with a blazer or cute top, or a denim jacket with dressy pants or a dress. Denim is great in the spring/summer because it can totally dress up or dress down an outfit. Look for a stretchy denim mini at places like Sak’s, H&M, Topshop, Pac Sun, American Eagle, Ann Taylor.
High-waisted flares. Rock this 70’s style shape in brights, or stick with polished neutrals. It’s an instant wardrobe update, and looks great with wedges, a slouchy bag and a tuck in shirt! Can be found at Lucca Couture, Urban Outfitters, Lulus.
Lastly, medallion necklaces. Rock this laid back style with jeans or a midi skirt! Go for ones with a triple chain or bedazzled look to really dress up your outfit. Old fashioned ones really work with a laid back outfit. Can be found at F21, Alexis Bittar, Yochi, Kohl’s.
P.S. Next post is an outfit post! Yay!
Love, forever&always

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