price tag

3 February 2011

Chunky knit sweater- Delia’s
Long sleeve flowy shirt (underneath sweater)- F21
Leggings- Leather London Leggings by APART (
Legwarmers- H&M
Boots- Bass Shoe Company
Long necklace- Kohl’s, Short necklace- David Yurman
Sunglasses- F21
Bracelet somewhat seen- Sparkle

I love this outfit I wore today. These are some of the comfiest leggings! Anyway, I really like that these are more edgy leggings because they have a leather patch in them. They look like motorcycle type pants even though they aren’t. I wore a longer shirt with the leggings because it is cold outside and I didn’t want to just be seen with the chunky knit sweater on. The legwarmers match the “color scheme” which is a rocker/darker mix. And fur boots..well..they’re just amazing.

P.S. Next post is on barrettes! They are so in right now. (The song is Price Tag by Jessie J). I’m also thinking about doing a giveaway..any ideas about what you guys would like to win?
Love, forever&always


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