party rock anthem

29 January 2011

Cardigan- H&M
Tank top- Abercrombie & Fitch
Scarf- Kohl’s
Leggings- MINKPINK via
Headband- Sparkle Boutique/ Jewelry
Boots- F21

Happy Saturday! I’m so sorry I failed to put a post up in like a week and have not been following the Tuesday, Saturday posting schedule. I kinda post whenever I want to and whenever I’m free. I usually do one on Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturday and sometimes more. I wanted to put another post up with these MINKPINK velvet leggings. I like the fact that the long black cardigan doesn’t show as much and is a darker color then the first post with the chunky knit brown sweater. I stayed with the combat boots because the only other boots I have are knee high black ones, and I thought that would take away a lot of the leggings. I love the feather headband and it makes the outfit really fun.

P.S. The title song is “Party Rock Anthem” by LMFAO. The next post will be on the something from the new People Style Watch mag I just got. (The one with Kim Kardashian on the front has so many different new styles in it!)
Love, forever&always


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