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14 January 2011

Denim Jacket- GAP
Leggings- F21
White Polo- H&M
Red Flats-Banana Republic
Socks- J-Crew
Charm Necklace- Juicy Couture
Headband- Aldo
Brooch (also a hair clip)- Icing
Bracelet (barely seen)- Vintage
Hey dolls! It’s the weekend, fin-ally! Waited long enough, LOL. I forgot to mention on my last post that I had made it to over 60 followers. It may not be that many but to me it’s another milestone accomplished! By the end of the year or before I hope to have 150 followers..maybe a little out there but we can all hope!
My outfit today is pretty laid back. I love the leggings..they remind me of an art piece and they’re kinda edgy. Denim is also so in, (I’ll be doing a post on that next week). I like the rocker leggings with a sleek denim jacket. The polo makes the outfit preppy but still chic. Adding in the brooch gives it a nice girly touch especially with a Audrey Hepburnish headband. Red flats..well, I love them! I figured socks and heels are in, so what about socks and flats! Why not. It kept me warm!
P.S. I have a new schedule of posting every Tuesday and Saturday! So check back in between days and I might surprise you all with another extra post! Woo! Next post is on denim. Also, if anyone is confused about my posting titles, they are all the names of songs that I really like.
Love, forever&always

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