dressin’ like a princess

17 January 2011

I love Kate Middleton’s style. She is such a fashionista. Being such an important role in society, it’s hard for her to wear jeans and a cardigan every day. But even when she does wear just that, Kate still looks fab! Light color contrasts really seem to be key in her wardrobe. To dress up an outfit, she chooses a couple main pieces of jewelry. Like in the first picture, the dark blue dress with a nice teal ring. Another classic style of Kate is riding boots, blue jeans and a variety of different hats. You can also pair a cute blazer to perfect this outfit. A pair of black, pointed toed heels or flats give you a fab outfit. If dressing up is what suites you, wear a cotton blue dress, a short pearl necklace and a teal or emerald stone ring. Take a pair of black flats (I have an great pair from Fergie’s line Fergalicious) with stones on the front and voila!
Kate also has a white pea coat that she seems to wear a lot. It matches really well with a calf length pencil skirt, a cute headband, heels and a ruffled or fancy shirt. A lot of these pieces of clothing could be found at places like Topshop, Asos.com, Forever 21 (shoes, hats, headbands), H&M and Ann Taylor or J.Crew.
P.S. I tried to do a post on style from the Golden Globes this year, but google images lacked to supply me with good pictures! I’ll have to try again another time this week. Emerald seemed to be a beautiful touch on all the celebs!
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