run fast for your mother; run fast for your father

20 December 2010

I just received my AMAZING velvet MINKPINK leggings in the mail! They are sooo soft! I can’t get over it! But can anyone help me figure out what to wear with them? Once I have an outfit together I’ll def take pics…but for now I have to figure out what to wear. Do you all think that the light brown chunky knit would go good? I know that black would look better, but I don’t really have a black sweater. I figured I would wear it with light brown combat boots and that sweater…ideas?


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8 thoughts on “run fast for your mother; run fast for your father”

    First of all love the song lyrics for the post title!

    Great leggings..I think they would look great with a long knit sweater like you said. Black would be great!

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    Lindsay LeBoyer says:

    yes, those leggings are so soft i love them! i wore mine with a black sweater. they could also match with green but its sort of a mix of mint and olive which is hard to match exactly. another idea that i've worn is a black leather jacket, the mix of tough and girly looks awesome!

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