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8 December 2010

APART Military jacket

I just did a video shoot with Cassadee Pope from the band, Hey Monday. It was with two other girls at a vintage shop on 26th between 6 and 7th, to be exact, called Buffalo Exchange. I usually don’t do thrift shops, but seeing where other big bloggers get some of there most fabulous stuff, I thought I would give this place a try! Well, the shoot was actually there, but I still decided to get some stuff and left with very cool new things! Buffalo Exchange is more of an up-scale vintage store with a trendy vibe. Ranging from Tory Burch shoes to Free People dresses and Juicy Couture sweat suits. This place really does have everything. Including hats, scarves, tights (new, of course), jewelry, sunglasses, bags and so much more! I really urge you to go and get more for your buck at vintage stores! And, you find stuff that no one else has.

Anyway, hanging out with Cassadee was one of the most fascinating, exciting shoots I’ve ever done. She is such an inspiration, personality wise and fashion wise. Cassadee has a very edgy style, and was wearing a Billabong plaid jacket and Forever 21 black booties, with a cute scarf. I found some amazing things too, like a fringe vest, red military style blazer, jeggings, several accessories and a couple sweaters. I also got an adorable spring Topshop dress, which will be in the video I will post for you guys when it comes out on teen.com! I would love to do a post on Cassadee’s style, and I will make sure to do that soon!
P.S. I wore the APART Military jacket to the shoot, Delia leggings and F21 combat boots. I wanted to wear a different, edgy outfit kinda like Cassadee usually wears. But what was really cool was that Cassadee asked me where I got my jacket from and how much she loved it! So neat. I’ll be taking pictures of the clothing I got at the vintage store soon.
Love, forever&always

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