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14 December 2010

All pictures photographed from MIZZ London magazine.
(Besides “Still Loitering Capes” Picture)
Hey, ladies! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while, I’ve been pretty busy. I had a whole post done and then I accidentally turned off my computer and lost it all! Silly me. This is the post about the London fashion, but I first wanted to mention that I just got my 40th follower! I know it may not be that many, but I’m so proud that I’ve come this far!
Looking through this magazine, I found so many outfits I wanted to go and buy myself! But of course, I live in the U.S. and I can’t. The top two stores were Primark and Marks&Spencers. Capes are extremely in right now, and I can’t wait and am hoping for them to transfer over to us in the states. I was watching an episode of Kimora Lee Simmon’s show, and her assistant was in London looking for the trends that people were currently wearing. Capes were seen on almost about every person. Remember, it’s not superman capes, it’s cotton capes, LOL. But capes are so fabulous. They can be worn with everything, ranging from oxford flats and a dress, or skinnies and flats. Capes also come in various sorts of colors and styles, so you can pick what you like best.
The rest of the pictures were outfits I liked best. The young girl had the cutest fashion sense! I am obsessed with her red velvet skirt! I am trying to force someone in my family to buy me oxford shoes for the holidays. The velvet skirt with oxford flats and lace socks would be the best outfit. The maxi skirt is also very in right now, in London and here. I love the light color contrast in this picture.
Love, forever&always


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