skirts and snow, eh?

15 November 2010

All from Refinery 29 ( Notice the hat and contrast of a light blue skirt with darker “accessories”)

Delia’s chunky knit sweater, GAP kids scarf, F21 purple ruffle skirt, Tall brown Ugg boots
( There is also a cream colored t-shirt under the sweater which is good because the sweater goes a little off the shoulder and putting a shirt under it keeps you cute and warm!)


Hey, dolls! Heres an outfit I put together to give off a little bit of a fall vibe, but I’m also wearing a skirt. For school, I like to alternate between either a skirt one day, jeans the next or leggings and an flannel shirt and then a skirt etc. This will make it so that you aren’t bored everyday with the same outfit. Trust me, I see enough people that only wear jeans and an American Eagle sweater Crime, right? But don’t think it’s illegal now that I said that to wear jeans and a sweater, but it’s always fun to mix up your outfits once in a while.

I also love pairing a skirt or shorts with tights. Its SO much fun because you get a little bit of an edgy style in there which is fab! Especially (notice the picture from Refinery 29) when you have a flowery skirt which reminds you of summer, and then you are brought back to fall with the tights, leggings, scarf, hat or any other fall type accessories.
P.S. I’ve also put a poll at the bottom of the page that enables you to vote on whatever I’m talking about for the month! Check it out and of course, stay fashionable in the cold weather if you happen to live in a wintry part of the Earth!
Love, forever&always

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9 thoughts on “skirts and snow, eh?”

    I'm digging the color pallet for sure. Dig the styling and items, minus the skirt. Great color but perhaps a different cut in style would better suit the entire look. But overall, you're def onto something great for the winter. 🙂

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