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18 November 2010

Who here loves GLEE?! I do! Its the best t.v show I’ve seen in a while. Fab singing, cute characters, good plot, whats not to love? But of course, us fashion lovers notice fashion right when we see it.

Preppy style has a couple main items you want to incorporate into an outfit for more of a safe look. First, of course-the Rachel main item, the pleated skirt. But you don’t want to look like you’re ready for a day at the farm. You want to be safe but not too safe. A short and flirty skirt is perfect. These can be found at Tj.Maxx, JcPenney, Kohls and mostly anywhere that sells to the average public. Rachel does a good safe but naughty school girl outfit with the pleated skirt. She also does a lot of checks in jackets in skirts. This gives off a “private school” meets “candy shop” sense of style. Because Rachel pairs those outfits will high socks, hats and heels it really does make her look the safest and cutest out of the Glee club. (High socks, barets and jackets can be found at any retail store).
The last picture of the ones I posted show Rachel with another one of her very preppy outfits. L.L Bean has a cream knit colored sweater like Rachel does for a cheap $45. F21 has a pleated skirt for just $8. Lastly, a white button up that can be found at A&E, F21, Kohl’s or truly any other stores. Also, if you are looking for a checkered sweater vest, L.L Bean has one for $60. It is sleeveless so it can be paired with the white button down.
Rachel can also be seen in Oxfords which are very in right now. These cute shoes can be found at places like F21 and Aldo. The white button down is a key essential in Rachel’s wardrobe if you’re really determined to be preppy.
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    Love this look! And Glee, too!
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