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25 November 2010

Happy Turkey Day! I am doing a post on essential wardrobe pieces right after this but I wanted to inform you of all the Black Friday sales. I recommend going shopping on Friday because the sales are supposed to be incredible this year.

First, American Eagle and Aerie are have a sale online for 20% off on everything. Also, Delia’s is doing world-wide free shipping. Abercrombie is having a “spend $100 and get $50 back” if you do it before noon on Friday, 11/26, has to be in store. J.Crew is giving you 25% off online if you spend $150, use code TURKEY. J.C. Penney is giving you free shipping on orders over $25 online if you use code STARTNOW. Kohl’s is giving you $10 for every $50 you spend in store or online. Urban Outfitters is free shipping for a couple days using checkout code- GETSTUFFED. American Eagle and Aerie are giving you 25% off and free shipping online. Seen the Target commercials yet? Target is having a huge 4-day sale. I honestly recommend going shopping on Black Friday because the sales are supposed to be huge this year. I’m planning on going and getting my holiday shopping in!
P.S. Next post on key pieces in your wardrobe.
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