NYC streets continued. this is way too long.

23 November 2010

Wow, so many pictures! ! I figured I should put all my city pics on one post just so it’s not two continuing posts of the city. Well, I had a fabulous time in the city. It was such an adventure, especially sharing it with my best friend. We went to the Empire State Building, Times Square, Planet Hollywood and Toys R Us. The city is such an amazing place and it’s so great to have the opportunity to live it up and be there. Not to mention the style is so crazy and out of this world. I heard that people are being given tickets for a limit of 15 minutes to go and shop for Lanvin for H&M? Anyone heard that? But what a cute line! Their lookbook is so fab!

My uncle also came from the UK so I have tons of fashion mags I can look at and see what the style is in the UK. I figured I would keep this a short post, so I’ll end now. Happy Thanksgiving! I’m happy for my family, my friends, my life, and my fashion. What about you? Stay fashionable over the long weekend if you’re off school. Otherwise, have fun, loves!
Love, forever&always,

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6 thoughts on “NYC streets continued. this is way too long.”

    Ellinor Forje says:

    I was about to ask where the cupcakes came from! Love the MM painting, so glamorous. Thanks for the glimpse of NYC and drop by me to if you have time.


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