20 November 2010

Headband- F21
Blue chords- Delia’s
Tribal top- H&M
Flats- Payless

Headband- F21
I wanted to dress up a bit today. I really love this outfit. Its pretty low-key but then a little dressy. It was really difficult for me to find the right shoes to perfect the outfit. I started with tall Ugg’s, then went to black flats and then chose the leopard flats. Its good because its all a light contrast of colors but the top is brown and the shoes match the top.

Also notice the ruby red necklace. I bought it today and just love it. Red is such a great color for the holiday season and matches just about everything. I suggest having one pendant you love that is always there for you and matches everything and anything. If you have an outfit and you want something to dress it up a little more, you have that one necklace you can fall back on to make you look classy and fabulous.

I also am trying to fill my charm bracelet up with charms. My favorite charm, so far, is the pink heel. How could I not buy it? Hope everyone is having a fab weekend so far!
P.S. I’m bringing my friend into the city and he’s never been to the actual city. Where should I make sure to take him to make his NYC experience AMAZING?
Love, forever&always


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