friday fashion

20 November 2010
Shirt- Delia’s
Leggings- SO by Kohl’s
Rainbow baret- H&M
Suede Combat Boots- F21
Sneakers- Converse All Star
(Purple tank, not seen- Kohl’s)
Yes! Finally Friday. I just went and saw “Skyline” at the theater and it was such an interesting movie. A must see, but a little overwhelming and a tad crazy!
This is my outfit I wore to school today. I decided last minute to swap the combat boots for my worn down Chucks that I colored all over with my friend. I felt like that was more of a cute, comfy day then wearing it with the boots and being dressy. You could also not wear the hat and wear a dressy headband. I wore an elephant long necklace from F21 (isn’t show in the picture). It was a way to mix patterns with jewelry then with clothes. I love wearing pendants with animals on them. F21 has ones with owls, elephants and so many other fun things. But I warn you, don’t! spend that much money on jewelry from Forever because all my necklaces I’ve bought from there recently have broken. I spent $7.80 on an adorable necklace, broke one month after. Spend a couple more bucks and get a necklace that will last you longer then a month.


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