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3 October 2010

I think I might possibly break a record of getting yelled at multiple times by my mother and sitting on the computer blogging for a freakishly long time. At least I have time to talk about fashion in Milan, as my mom gave me an article out of some newspaper (don’t know which one) with the front page saying “Technicolor Chic in Milan”. Thanks newspaper for making my blogging job x10 easier.

Hopefully, the majority of people that are reading this blog know that it’s been fashion week for a while now, if that makes any sense. But I figured I would talk about Milan style as thats truly one of the main fashion capitals of the world. The week of fashion shows which ended Monday had some of the biggest names walking down the runway. Like Gucci, Prada, Giorgio Armani and Dolce & Gabbana. Personally, I find the runway styles very “out there”. Not that its a bad thing, but sometimes I can’t even imagine spending $2000 on a Chanel dress that was featured on the runway but just makes me look like an animal. But is that maybe the point of fashion?
Anyway, this newspaper article is great! It says that the Neiman Marcus fashion director said that orange coral is the color of the season. I believe I can live with that. I kinda hate orange but I guess maybe I should take another look at the color. But this season is really about color. As you can see in this really crappy pic I took on photo booth (I’m planning to get a new camera on my birthday), Versace featured a ton of color on their runway show. Flowy dresses were spotted on a lot of Milan runway shows also.
Roberto Cavalli featured a lot of animalistic collection sewn largely from snakeskin, crocodile and suede. I would never wear real animal skin just because I don’t believe in that, but you could find fake skin to wear if you like that idea. Lace is also so in right now. I believe I wrote about that before. But its lace used in entire outfits, which seems a little much. I mean lace is just so stunning and out there that a full body suit of it seems crazy! Alright, well I hope that gave you all a sense of Milan fashion currently. I might get around to Paris and France, but probably not today.
P.S. I don’t know what my next post is on, maybe shoes and handbags? But bundle up! It’s 65 degrees out where I am and my parents are forcing me to go on a walk to a turkey farm (?) with them. Burrr!
Love, forever&always,

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