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8 October 2010
Purple Juicy Couture sweats, black colored converse i personalized by sharpie, brown legwarmers, vintage tee and running sweater

American Eagle zebra v-neck, Forever blue shorts, Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs bag, and french bow headband

APART pink dress, Steve Madden heels, OPI color nail polish

My sister and her beautiful friends!
(farthest on the right)- wearing Giuseppe Zanotti flats, Chanel purse, Marc Jacobs sunglasses, Urban jeans and black tee
(middle girl)- wearing Eli Tahari shirt and shoes, Joe Jeans and Ray Bans,
(girl farthest on the right)- wearing Gap blazer, Nation tee, Gryphon skirt, Frye Boots and Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses
is it normal to have a belt obsession? possibly yes, and possibly not? well, then i’m classified as a “freak” who’s obsessed with belts. seems good to me. i figured i wanna start writing less, so hopefully this will go swell. i mentioned my obsession with belts, especially wide ones paired with everything! i tried to force my way out of the house on my way to school with a belt that totally didn’t match my outfit, but my mother came and put down my belt dreams. how depressing!
the first pic is something that you can’t see! this worked out jolly! well, it goes along with a “sporty outfit.” it was so comfy for me but i actually felt kinda cute… its not the most dressed up outfit but its also not bad to be dressed down and comfy so this outfit works. Second pic is a cute outfit i picked out thats very original but it’s great that you can make an outfit as simple as this your own. third pic is APART (http://www.apartstyle.com/) dress which i love so much. this is a brand new line based out of NYC that has the greatest style ideas and its also great to have a chic store selling accessories now, because thats sometimes rare online. APART has a store opening in Fairfield, CT so go and check it out!
i felt it was necessary to make a special paragraph about the last pic! these are the most stylish girls i’ve ever seen. nuff said. look at the caption to see what each one is wearing. the style for each of them is very new yorkish right? its such an original type of style for each of them individually which, as you know, i love. the girl on the left is a really good example of a laid back outfit, but she really adds just the perfect amount of accessories and keeps it on more of an edgier, but cuter style. the middle girl has a really cute outfit, consisting of a bedazzled top and leopard flats. as you can tell, is the perfect amount of truly everything going into this outfit.i don’t know what else i could have suggested going into this. the girl all the way on the right is a very kind of sleek and dressed up but dressed down outfit. i love this skirt on her, it really looks great on her figure. she dresses it up with the perfect other accessories, as the skirt is truly an accessory itself. the boots are so cute also, but still doesn’t make the outfit an overload.
P.S. yeah, it was kinda a long post. woops! i have no idea what my next post will be, but i think it’ll be good! TTFN fashionistas, stay fashionable.
Love, forever&always,


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