Weekend plans

10 September 2010

This weekend I’ll be taking a trip to a couple different places. First will be K-Mart to check out the Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez line. Then, I’ll be going to Target and looking at possibly shoes and purses there. The rest of the stores are Walmart ( Miley&Max Azria and OP), Delia’s, Forever 21 and H&M. Possibly Macy’s if I’m not totally tired by the end of my day. Oh yeah, Delia’s also I believe has a special offer going on right now where if you try on a pair of jeans you get $10 of your entire purchase. Somewhat good- I got a pair of Jegging’s from there that were $50 and so ended up being like $40. If there’s any other lines you guys really want me to look at please comment as my shopping day is tomorrow! I’ll be posting two pictures. One is of the Selena Gomez line and another is of my friends outfit today. It’s a very good example of a pair of colored skinny jeans paired with an almost plain gray top. I talked about colored skinny jeans in another post. You can buy these at many places, but try Forever 21 and Kohls. I’m sure JcPenney also has very cute ones. I don’t have to much to say as you can see LOL! But I guess wait for the new posts coming up. There’s some pretty cool stuff like style for Rome and Paris and holiday outfits-which will obviously be when the big holiday’s come around. So, talk to you guys tomorrow!

P.S. There’s no P.S. talk today because I literally have nothing to say but felt the need to update my blog. Here’s an amazing Coco Chanel picture with totally true quotes about fashion! Last, yard sales have a lot of cute stuff sometimes. I’m personally not really to much of a fan of them but you can find some unique stuff there!

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