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14 September 2010

Hi dolls! Sorry I haven’t had a post in a couple days, I’ve just been very busy with school, (boys!), and sports. But, as you all know, I couldn’t go another day without posting- so here’s the new post. First, this weekend I’m going to mall again and I’m going to be so tired because I have two concerts this week! Agh! But I’ll be on the lookout for edgy and sporty looks for school. But it’s great because this request was a new idea for me too, as I love sporty looks! Sweats and a tank top would be my number one option for school outfits, but if only it was that easy! First, you could pair a pair of black skinny jeans with a black fedora hat and a black tank top. But you could find a bright colored thin belt, like hot pink or braided gold and wear it with the jeans. Go for a cute black boot with maybe buttons or something along that line. Here’s Chanel Iman wearing a good example of an appropriate, edgy outfit. But I’ll be finding many more outfits at the mall…so hold on till then. But I got two very cute pair of sweats that are Under Armour from Dick’s and Zumiez also had some cute purple sweats for $20. But oversized sweaters and leggings with a cute belt is really nice and is sporty though. So if your not a tomboy but enjoy being comfy and just dressing like that, this idea is very chic. You can find the sweaters anywhere really. American Eagle had ones for $24 and I actually got one. Leggings found at Kohl’s for $8. Miley wore the oversized sweater with denim leggings and boots, Ugg’s would be perfect and so would Airwalks.

Next, lace is very in! It’s so cute! I found the cutest little lace cardigan type thing at Delia’s and I posted a pic. It’s $34.50, but I found it at the mall for I believe $20. So, that means if you love it, don’t buy it online! LOL! Well, I’ll be starting a new post tonight about style in Rome and London, but it might not be up tonight as I have to research for the post…TTYL!

P.S. Who doesn’t love fall!? It’s one of my favorite seasons and my birthday’s in October so I have a lot to celebrate about! So do you girls! Apple cider, fall fashions and sweaters and my birthday! LOL! Just kidding, you don’t have to get excited for my birthday! Next posts are fashion in top capitals and edgy/sporty looks…mall this weekend and looking for adorable fall fashions! Also, new post coming up soon about fashion for different skin tones..yay!


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