Long day at the mall- but totally worth it! (This post is going to take me a year.)

12 September 2010

So I… finally went to the mall and probably tried on everything! I went to H&M, Macy’s, Delia’s and K-Mart. It doesn’t seem like a ton of places but I got some awesome pics. I didn’t have enough time for Forever 21 and some other stores but I’ll make sure I go to them first next time. For this post I’ll be doing just K-mart and H&M and then for the other stores another post. Just so your eyes aren’t strained by the time you finish reading the post.
Now, the first place is K-mart to check out the Dream Out Loud by Selena Gomez line. I actually found some pretty cute stuff. The pink striped dress was a minimum $16 which is SO affordable. There was a pink belt that wraps around the back that you don’t see. Then next pic is of a grey shirt that says “Dream Out Loud” with a pair of purple jeggings. The jeggings are so comfy and easy to move around in and paired with the cute tee makes a perfect outfit. Grey tee with sparkle pocket at top is $10 and purple jeggings are $16.00. The comfy blue knit sweater with adorable braided belt is a steal of $26 and literally goes with everything! Paired with a pair of jeans or even a skirt- it’s a great steal.
The next place is H&M. First pic is pair of white military skinny jeans with a cropped sweater. The jeans are $25 and the cropped sweater is $30. Yes, I think the $30 was pretty expensive for that little sweater. Although, it’s so extremely warm and will last you forever that I would spend the money on it just because that could be the only sweater you need for the winter and you’ll survive. The next pic from H&M is adorable tee shirt dress with white skinny jeans and black oversized clutch. This is my favorite outfit. The blue tee shirt dress has a ruffle down the front. Priced at $35. I do believe you could find this for cheaper, but because it’s the fall sale it will so go down in price. So cute, Alexa Chung seen wearing it before. It can be paired with everything and anything and actually can be worn alone too. Black studded clutch is $20 and so affordable. Clutch’s are always in and can make a boring outfit the perfect amount.
P.S. I’ll do the next post on Macy’s. Hope you like the outfits! Also, I have so many other great ideas that are coming up. Like still fashion in the top fashion empire, school outfits and edgy looks, and posts on shoes and handbags.

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