Last weekend of the summer

5 September 2010

Well, here’s my first blog. It’s pretty late at night, but I feel like there’s always a time to talk about fashion. No matter if your walking the streets at 5 am, or shopping (of course), no matter what, fashion is always surrounding you. It’s pretty amazing. Personally, I feel like fashion is my life right now. I like to be unique, and if I’m going to school in the pretty much same shirt and pair of jeans everyday, it doesn’t cut my crazy high standards. Even though the girls in my school really don’t think like that, there’s always a voice in my head telling me when I’m to boring. That’s where the experimenting comes in. We’re not always going to have the best outfits, but if there’s a hint of glam and part of YOU in the outfit, it’s probably the perfect amount. Well,throughout my blogging career, I’m going to be posting pictures of me in my normal outfits and I’m going to try to find people with style that I absolutely love so that I can post what really goes on in unique fashionista minds. But now that I’m back in school, I’m going to have to start going for a more fall type look,which hopefully you guys can help me with. I love zippers and just got an amazing deal on a shirt from Urban Outfitters thats floral print but has a zipper, it’s to die for!! But my new wardrobe will consist of alot of dark skinny jeans, jeggings and retro teas. It’s hard to go from rompers and forever 21 high-waisted shorts with sandals to jeans and sweaters, but that’s really what fall is all about, right? I’m also actually really excited about an equestrian look that I’m trying to pull off. I got these Steve Madden boots from Macy’s for such a good deal that I’m so excited to wear with almost everything! There was an article in Seventeen magazine with an adorable cotton type sweater from H&M and a blue ruffle skirt with knee-high boots that I’m so interested in going totally out of my way to find! Well, I wish I could write for my whole night, but I’m tired and still want to post some pics in a bit, so it’s time to say bye just for now. It’s been great talking.. can’t wait for you to see my first pic! Xoxo.

P.S. This pic was my first day of school outfit, do we like it? Shorts and shirt from Bermuda (Yes, the actual place-sorry girls) and shoes from Macy’s- Steve Madden.



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2 thoughts on “Last weekend of the summer”

    This is great!! I will follow this blog for more help with my own fashion! This is relevant to my budget and today's hottest fashions. Thankyou so much! Ta Ta

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