Good deals, it’s labor day, right?

6 September 2010

This is just a great look that really gives something different to a regular dress. It’s a nice flower dress that can be worn anywhere. The bottom picture is of a dress thats from a designer store, and the belt can be found at places like Walmart or Target. But I tried to find a dress that looks like the original one, but can be found for cheaper. I found one at Target for $19.99 which is a great steal. Paired with a cute pair of gold sandals and a circle belt would really complete this look. (Both can be found at places like Payless or Forever 21.) This would also be perfect for a dark person’s color and an olive color skin. The nice pastel colors in the dress would really show off the dark skin color, but it would still go well with lighter skin colors. Also, if you put on a light brownish/ gold eyeshadow and light black or brown mascara, it would really bring out light color eyes like blue, hazel or green. But you can always get fun with makeup, like a pink or purple eyeshadow and green eyeliner!

P.S. I love suggestions! Please comment about what you would love to see on my blog, and I’ll get right onto it! Promise! Also, my next blog will be about styles for different sizes of girls (curvy, pear, slim) so wait for that. There’s much more great stuff coming!

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