I Thrive Off of Rejection

10 May 2019

On Thursday I sent in a tape for a movie role I decided to audition for. It all happened so quickly and it was kinda thrilling to say the least. I love acting and always have. I feel like so much of my “day” job is acting, from interviewing people to memorizing lines for my show or TV segments so I’ve always been intrigued by pursuing acting alongside what I do for a job. After auditioning for the role with my acting coach (she’s intense but genius) I walked out of her house in Studio City realizing that I truly think I thrive off of rejection. I don’t think most people decide to memorize lines and audition for a movie where the main character is literally kidnapped and about to be murdered, but I was in the mood to take a new kind of leap yesterday.

Every time I’m rejected, I feel more passionate about what I’m doing. They haven’t casted me as the character yet, but they also haven’t rejected me yet…so it all comes down to this waiting game. How much time are you willing to spend waiting for someone to say yes to you when you can give that yes to yourself? If there is something you want in life, you usually will have to make the leap for yourself. Otherwise you’ll find that time is flying by while you’re spending too much time feeling afraid of what could happen.

That question is one of the main reasons why I continue to pursue blogging and my Radio Disney show, summit and book: because I don’t like waiting for people to say yes to me. In this case and with acting/ my book, I know that it’s all a waiting game, but in other areas of life many of us wait on the yes we can actually give ourselves. You can make the change you want to see in the world, or you can BE that change.

P.S. Always be the change and change the game, don’t ever let the game change you.



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