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24 October 2016

All you need in this industry is one person to give you a chance. When I was 16, the day I dropped out of public high school and transferred to online school, I got a phone call from an NYC number. It was the Rachael Ray show, and they had found my blog and wanted me to appear on the show the following week. I remember feeling so nervous yet so thrilled at the same time. If you want to see my first RR segment, click here. I was such a baby!

Gretta and I have stayed close over the years, watching each other venture and grow our own businesses. I adore Gretta. She’s one of the most genuine and kind people I’ve ever met, and one of the only genuine and true people in the industry. 99% of people I meet or correspond with are fake and rude, but Gretta is someone who has never changed. Regardless of where in the world she is, or what she’s doing, she’d be the first person to give you honest advice.

Gretta invited me to attend the launch of her boutique on Newbury Street last week, and I spent the day in the store + salon getting pretty by her team. The spa is located inside the Westin Copley Hotel, and I couldn’t think of one place that’s more “Gretta”! It’s chic, clean, and elegant. My stylist and I decided to go a bit darker for fall, and I couldn’t have been more impressed with the Gretta Cole team. The salon and the store are unpretentious and genuinely interesting places that you’d have a blast venturing to with your girls or alone. I got to dress up in the coolest clothing, and for someone who is constantly surrounded by cool clothing, the Gretta Luxe store offered everything and more. With brands like IRO and Rag & Bone, you’d literally never get bored shopping here.

HUGE thanks to my girl, Gretta, for giving me a chance when I was 16 AND give me a chance years later. You are my inspiration!


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