27 June 2022

GRASSHOPPHER in partnership with Be Fearless Summit are encouraging you to be your most fearless self.

This is an exclusive opportunity for fans of the brand to become involved in limited edition opportunities before the program becomes invite only. Over the weekend, I hosted a small networking event in Austin that invited some community members and fearless women. We discussed work, dating and women’s rights. After the unfortunate overturn of Roe V. Wade on Friday, I couldn’t help but show up to the event feeling a little sad. We were all in the same boat Saturday and being around one another to discuss our feelings and what it’s like for women right now was truly inspiring. There is nothing I like more than hearing stories from other women!

For future summits, events and in-person networking in Austin and Connecticut (the two cities we are rolling out memberships in) you must be a member. We have interviewed 100s of young women over the past 3 weeks between ages 24-32 to figure out what they’re struggling with and through those interviews we realized the importance of truly building a community internally and externally. We want you all to have access to each other at our events and over the web.

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