9 August 2022

A few weeks ago I posted a video about getting taken seriously in your 20s and it resonated with many of you. Filming the video was eye-opening for me as well, remembering the times I wasn’t taken seriously in my late teens to now because of my age. I used to never tell people my age when I was 16, 17 or 18-years-old especially when I was hosting TV segments because I knew I’d never be taken seriously!

Not being taken seriously because of your age makes sense. The older you are, the more experiences you’ve had. In a hiring process, you’ll always face competition that may be due to age and experience or simply experience.

There’s two responses I say to myself internally if I’m told no because of my age:

I’m going to talk to someone smarter!

Maybe I’m being told no because I simply don’t have the experience I need. So, let me go get that experience.

Look, if you’re emailing or cold pitching a company or mentor and you’re expecting something without showing proof or results: you’re setting yourself up to fail. I wouldn’t take someone seriously who didn’t have experience behind them unless it was an internship or mentorship opportunity. Business is business.

Be Fearless Summit has shown different ways to be taken seriously if you’re young in different posts.

Wear a blazer to your interviews and Zoom meetings.

Stop asking people what they think and start leading with “here’s what I think, do you agree?”

And don’t go getting intoxicated at company parties (regardless of your age!) or crying to your colleagues or boss on days you need to take a mental health day. Take a day or five off!

I wish there were more discussions around being in your 20s: your 20s are a learning and growing part of life that comes with so many growing pains. You want to fall down. Again and again and getting back up every time.

How can you get experience without learning?


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