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19 January 2017

Ramblers Way top, Silver Jeans, beGlammed hair/makeup

Photography via KSL Development

If you’ve been following me on IG lately, you’re seeing me in a different city every day. I get bored if I’m in one place for longer than 48 hours, so I don’t mind the constant travel. Last week, I was in NYC for a mere 24 hours, touring a school in Brooklyn that we’re speaking at and shooting with Pix 11 for the remainder of the evening. I love being as honest as possible about my life, and the segment that is coming out is as real as it gets. Tamsen Fadal hosted the segment, and she’s one of the sweetest people I’ve ever gotten to work with. You don’t meet many people in this world nowadays who you instantly know are good people, but she is one of them.

beGlammed sent a team of hair/makeup girls to my room at the Elysee Hotel and they helped glam me up for the segment. Since this was shooting in my hotel room, and was pretty much all about my life story, I wanted to pick an outfit that wasn’t over the top. As much as I adore ballgowns, it’s nice to occasionally wear something that’s more “me”. In this case, jeans and a top seemed suitable.

Silver Jeans sent me a huge selection of denim to choose from, and I ended up with this sweet pair of slick black jeans. I really love this brand. These jeans are insanely affordable, fantastic quality, and overall comfortable. Paired with this lovely top from Ramblers Way, I wish I could wear this look on set everyday. Once you find brands that fit you and are in your price range, stick with them!

In other news…I made it to the front page of Galore! Read the feature here! 

And one more thing…since I’ve decided to spend the last two weeks of February in Europe, I’ve decided to bring a few people on to cover for me during New York Fashion Week. Here’s what I’m hoping for: some of you guys who dream of living this life like I always did, finally can. Email me why you deserve this opportunity at, and I’ll get back to you shortly!

Some of these emails have been amazing…

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