Maintaining Friendships When You’re Busy

23 April 2018

Perhaps you have friends who are going away to college or friends who are moving out of state and starting a new chapter in their lives. This can be an exciting time but also a scary one, as lifelong friendships shift and social circles move as people make new friends in new towns. If this is the case for you, then don’t worry and feel sad that you are losing your friend. Instead plan fun ways for you to keep your friendship real and keep them close, even if geographically they are far away. Follow these top tips to ensure your important friendships last.

Spend real time not screen time together

Social media and social apps are great ways to keep in touch, with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and WhatsApp making it easier than ever to find out what your friends are up to on a regular basis. While this is good, it only goes so far and is no replacement for real-life friends. A quickly texted emoji is not the same as a heart-to-heart chat or some quality time together, so even though you might feel that you are in regular contact make sure that you both carve out some physical time spent together, even if you now live further away from each other. Doing so will strengthen your friendship, and can even bring you closer as both of you will know the effort it takes to meet up and appreciate it even more.

Plan a fun weekend away to catch up

If you don’t live so close to your good friends anymore, or perhaps you do but your busy lives mean you do not get to see each other as much as you would like, then planning a fun weekend away can allow you to catch up properly and spend quality time together without distractions. Stay in a luxury spa for a weekend and get pampered with massages, manicures and relaxing times together in the hot tub. Or rent an apartment in another city and plan fun activities, such as doing an escape room together. Escape Room Charlotte offers a range of game options, from following the clues to recover stolen artwork to pretending to be top spies on a mission, and this is a fun and thrilling way to get your heart rates up and bond together as you solve the puzzles.  

Sign up for a class together

If you live nearby but find that hectic schedules mean that you see less of each other, why not sign up for a class together? It can be anything from a craft class, such as learning to sew your own clothes, to dance or sports class or even learning a new language together, perhaps even plan on a mini-breakaway together to practice the language in the future! By signing up to a weekly class together you will have a regular opportunity to catch up and will be far more likely to meet up even when life gets hectic as you will have already committed to it, and a class is less easy to skip than a casually arranged coffee.


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