How A Blogger Travels the World

2 February 2017

The cool thing about being a blogger is having the ability to getting things for free. When I first started blogging, I wasn’t making any money. I didn’t realize or expect to have a full-time career from blogging, so I was content with getting a free item here and there. I never had any intention for my blog to turn into a career, so money and random free items wasn’t of any interest to me.

Now, way too many bloggers become bloggers because they think that they’ll get free items overnight. Unfortunately, you can’t just get anything for free. You have to have some type of online presence to get sent free products…but here’s how to do it.

Whether you’re looking for Fashion Week tix, or a free hair product or pair of shoes, you have to send a strong pitch out. And, you have to make sure your messaging aligns with the brand.

Something like “I want something for free” isn’t strong enough.

I like to keep my pitch for different opportunities simple, and you can usually swap in the name of the company so you don’t have to change the entire pitch.

Here’s a simple + strong pitch:

Hi! I’m a blogger and a huge fan of X. I would love to discuss working with you. My kit is attached below, thanks!

I just published this video from my trip to Providence last week, and I pretty much got everything in the video comped. From the hotel, to the food, and the clothing…blogging has its perks. The coolest part is that when you team up with a brand, you know that you’re helping them get publicity. It’s the best feeling in the world when a brand says that they love working with you!

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