Founder Files: Milan Costich of Prevail Boxing

30 December 2019

Happy almost 2020! We’re back with a new episode of my mini series Founder Files. A few weeks ago you met Chandler Chang, the founder of Therapy Lab. Her unique journey to becoming an entrepreneur took her into over $40,000 in debt, but the success of Therapy Lab has proved that amount of money was worth the investment AND more.

Today I’m introducing you to Milan Costich, the founder of Prevail Boxing. Prevail is a boxing gym in Los Angeles with a cult following of models, agents and everyone in-between. Most of you know how much working out plays a role in my life: I honestly attribute exercise to recovering from my eating disorder, along with just dealing with my day to day life. There’s few problems that a solid sweat can’t fix 🙂

Milan hasn’t had an easy journey to becoming an entrepreneur: his journey started later on in life. He even left a job at the prestigious WME talent agency to start Prevail.

If there’s anything I want you to take away from Milan’s story, it’s that you don’t have to be a viral overnight success by the time you’re 30. Him and I can both attest to the benefits of slow and steady growth to become successful. Enjoy episode 2!

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