Speaking on Entreprenurship at Fordham

1 March 2019

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I had the honor of speaking at Fordham University on Saturday on a panel about entrepreneurship. To say the last week has been a tad bit hectic is an understatement. I’m incredibly overwhelmed and more anxious than I usually am all of the time as we gear up for the summit on March 15. I have no issue saying that I feel like I took on a bigger project than I anticipated because that’s the reality of entrepreneurship: if you’re willing to be fearless and a risk taker, it’s not always going to be easy. I am reminding myself this as we get closer to the summit and I try and balance everything going on but it’s a daily struggle! There’s certainly nothing more satisfying than pulling off a big project though, I can tell you that.

I spoke with two other young entrepreneurs: the founder of Next Gen Summit & the founder of gifs.com. When I moved to LA I realized how intimate the young entrepreneur community is. Everyone knows everyone! Though both guys are based in NY they know everyone I know in LA and vice versa. I was familiar with both of the guys before we spoke which just shows you how small the industry is. You have the young actresses, the young influencers and the young entrepreneurs: it’s just like high school!

We were asked our advice for young people who are looking to get involved in a startup or launch their own company, and each of us agreed that the first step is reaching out to someone you know who may be in a similar situation. I’ve never had a mentor but both of the guys (Dylan and Kiernan) have, and they vouched for how important getting feedback is from someone who is wiser and has experience in that field. I think finding a mentor and having business cards are the top 2 keys to becoming successful if you decide to start your own company.

Thanks to everyone who showed up and hope you enjoyed/ walked away with some new information!


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