Episode 70 // Be Bronze Studio Founder

24 April 2019

As my career has progressed, I’ve certainly started noticing how things like getting my nails done and getting a spray tan change my personal opinion of myself, in a good way. I feel more confident on TV when I’m tan, and I have no reason to deny that. When Brittney spray tanned me at my apartment over 1 year ago, I knew she was destined for success. Since tanning me in my apartment, she’s opened a full service salon in West Hollywood, that’s frequented by girls like Lauren Elizabeth & Delilah Belle.

I think there is something incredibly special about entrepreneurs who are SO open about their trial and error. Instead of ignoring what I like to call the “come up” AKA all of the late nights, tearful car rides and utter frustration, a select group of entrepreneurs are not only willing but beyond happy to explain their journey from the beginning. I guarantee you that EVERY SINGLE person you aspire to be like has come from a background that isn’t necessarily straightforward, and being a little more vulnerable about your journey to success will in return inspire even more people around you.

And isn’t that the main goal of being an entrepreneur, to inspire?


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