Discussing GrassHoppHer x Be Fearless Summit

15 June 2022

Last week was SO fun! I caught up with Tamsen of Pix11 in NYC who interviewed me 5 years ago about being fearless, before my Disney show and Be Fearless Summit launched. I watched the old segment while preparing for this interview and wow, life has changed so much! Most recently, my co-founder Heather and I were accepted as a portfolio company into a large VC fund in Austin called Capital Factory. We had just gotten news the morning of this segment that they wanted us to be a portfolio company so I was holding my excitement back during this interview because the contract wasn’t signed yet. Today it’s official.

What does a portfolio company entail? With Capital Factory, any company they take on as a portfolio company means they truly believe in the growth and prospect of the brand. Since Heather and I are newly merging both companies, it’s unusual to get taken on this early on as a portfolio company which showed her and I that we are onto something bigger than we imagined.

What’s to come? Memberships, an upcoming summit in Connecticut, and hopefully more summits across the country as we begin to grow the brand together and take it to the next level. As discussed on the newest episode of The New Unfiltered this week, GrassHoppher (Heather’s company) will be the host of everything with Be Fearless Summit following below our new memberships and programming.  I know many of you were thrilled about the idea of an app, and we have no doubt that there will be an app live in the next months.

Right now, we are interviewing tons of young adult women between 22-34 to roll out memberships as early as August. If you’re in that demographic and have time for a short Zoom, please email me at ac@lifeunfilteredwithalexa.com or DM @befearlesssummit!


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