Fearless Everyday with Chloe Lukasiak

12 October 2018

Tonight is a BRAND NEW episode of Fearless Everyday on Radio Disney with Dance Moms queen Chloe Lucasiak! I had a blast chatting with Chloe about how she uses her #girlpower to make a difference, and this 17-year-old didn’t hold back!

Share how you’re fearless on social media with me using the hashtag #fearlesseveryday too! You may just make it into an upcoming episode! Fearless Everyday will air Fridays at 9 PM PST, Saturdays at 7 AM PST & Sundays at 5 PM PST!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on how to listen and where to find Radio Disney. Here’s where to find Radio Disney:

Listen on the Radio Disney app on your phone/iPad/Kindle

Listen on iHeartRadio below/on their website

I hope you love tonights episode as much as I do and I loved having Chloe into the studio to talk about what being fearless means to her!


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