Flying to London with British Airways

25 September 2017

I returned from London and came down with a nasty cold I’ve been fighting for the past few days! I get so frustrated every time I get sick because I always bring the cold onto myself. I was traveling every day in Europe, whether it was moving from hotel to hotel or jumping on a flight to go to a different city. I can’t complain because every flight is an incredible experience, though it’s a good warning for me to slow down a bit!

I’ve been working with British Airways for over three years now, and every time I fly with them I feel so blessed to work with them. Many people don’t like flying, but when you fly with an airline that is incredibly respectable and kind, it’s hard to not almost look forward to the journey. Usually I fly roundtrip from NYC- London, but on this occasion, I was testing out their new Miami route. I got to fly from New York City straight to London (BA operates out of JFK Airport) and then I flew from LHR (Heathrow Airport) straight to Miami International. I wasn’t expecting to sleep the entire way, but on each flight I slept over 75% of the journey which made me blissfully happy.

I always fly World Traveller Plus, which is British Airway’s “regular” class, but I like to consider it one class above regular class because there is another section of seats behind my seating area. The seats recline super far back, which is why I find it super easy to sleep. You’re also supplied with lovely blankets, pillows, ear plugs, and eye masks, to make sure you’ve even more comfortable.

Maybe you’re planning a flight to Europe, or you’re looking to treat yourself…either way, British Airways is the first class airline to fly with. You won’t be disappointed. Sure, the flights are a bit pricier, though you’ll totally understand why once you get on one of their upcoming flights.


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