20 June 2018

You guys know how terribly awful I am at doing my makeup. Funny enough, both of my best friends are phenomenal at makeup. Whenever I’m around them, they both eagerly want to do my makeup. They probably both want to do my makeup because they know I can’t do my own makeup, but let’s act like I’m just a good canvas! I always feel confident when I have some makeup on, especially if I’ve been traveling and my skin isn’t looking too hot. I don’t rely on makeup, but I definitely feel like the most confident version of myself when I’ve got a bit of makeup on.

During our time in Charleston, while my other best friend Gabe was on the balcony eating a loaf of bread…we had some fun putting makeup on. Honestly, all you need is a solid set of stage lights (like a hotel bathroom) and you will feel fantastic with or without makeup on! All of my makeup brushes and makeup is literally from the 1950s, so whenever I get makeup applied I learn a lot.

I always remind myself that makeup isn’t an exact representation of who I am. As glam as I might look, that’s not what I wake up looking like. Let makeup be an expression of your personality- but don’t let it define you!

Enjoy this video of me eating peanut butter cups while trying to understand how to properly apply makeup!


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