Alexa’s Travel Solo Tips

22 February 2023

Planning a trip by yourself? There’s so much freedom that comes with hopping on a plane to almost anywhere. However, it can feel a little intimidating to travel alone for the first couple of times. Let’s talk about a couple ways to make it less stressful.


  • Don’t share the details of your travel location or how long you’ll be gone on social media until you’re back. (But still, take lots of pictures! Whether you post them or not, they’ll become great memories)


  • Try something new! If you’ve read even a couple of my posts, you know I’m all about being fearless and getting out of your comfort zone. Before you leave, plan a couple activities that you’ve wanted to try. You didn’t come all this way to eat at the same chain restaurants and order the same food you always do!


  • Trust yourself. As with most things in life, if something seems off, it probably is. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation or place, do what you need to do to leave safely.


The perspective I’ve gained and the experiences I’ve had while traveling are priceless… but it’s still important to budget for travel. If you want a tourism board to sponsor your trip, watch this video for my process on contacting them. You could also introduce yourself to tourism boards if one of your goals is getting in on a brand-sponsored trip! And don’t forget restaurants… they can be expensive, so use this technique to partner with them + get a meal to feature.


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