#AerieReal Event

12 September 2017

On Sunday, I attended my first event with Aerie for the #AerieReal campaign that I’m a part of! That means in-store events in Manhattan, talking about body image, and speaking to even more young girls about why loving your body is so incredibly important. Since this was the first event, we just had a pilates class and did our own thing. The Aerie store in NYC is seriously adorable. If you haven’t stopped in, I suggest spending a few minutes to go in and shop. Treating yourself is important, but so is being in a store that truly embodies loving your body. The entire Aerie messaging is something I believe in so deeply. When I go into a store nowadays, I feel bombarded with negative pictures, insanely thin and unhealthy models, and more. Going into the Aerie store inspires me to push even harder for teens to embrace their body the way it is. You were born BEAUTIFUL and STRONG, and since there is so much negative content in the media, it’s important to stay humble when you’re constantly looking at pictures that aren’t always the best. I adore that the campaigns showcase real models that are unfiltered and untouched. We’ve all got cellulite and curves: don’t worry about it!

I put a picture above from the Alexander Wang show with Kaia Gerber. She walked out first, and then I ended up seeing Cindy Crawford at a coffee shop I was at yesterday! I almost felt a bit jealous, watching her strut her stuff on the runway, and then I remembered that she’s who she is and I am who I am. No, I was born looking like a supermodel or with a supermodel as a mom, but I’ve got a rockin’ mom too. There’s no point in comparing yourself to someone who you don’t know.

Parents: I advise you to warn your teens, as they get older, that what they see in campaigns and on advertisements isn’t what the models look like in real life. Everyone is struggling with something. Whether it’s me, or you, or Kim Kardashian, or Bella Thorne. We’ve all got something, and most of the time, we’re not going to be talking about what we’re battling behind a screen.




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