Activities to do When You’re Bored that Don’t Cost a Lot

22 March 2018

Everyone gets bored from time to time, even if they’re with company or alone. No one is ever constantly entertained, so sometimes people have to get creative with their activities and be able to try something new. Sometimes the new activities are fun, but even if they aren’t the most amusing, it was still an enjoyable process in the meantime to explore one’s preferences.

1. Go Outside

When you realize all the activities there are to do outside, it’s insane to realize you were ever bored in the first place. No matter where you live there’s always an outdoors, and outside the tight walls of a building are hundreds of things to explore, discover, and perceive. Outside you can observe wildlife, tress, grass, sidewalk, dirt, sky, or just daydream in general. Just walking around and taking in the beauty of your surroundings is an enjoyable activity in itself that’s free and won’t be harming you or your environment. Hiking, running, skipping, jump rope, swimming, climbing, Frisbee, bonfires, parks, or simply watching the sunrise are all diversions from your boredom that are mostly free.

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2. Meet new people

If you have no idea what to do but are sociable or enjoy trying new things, then start striking up a conversation with people. Make sure your intent when meeting new people is to be positive, sweet, and conversational; but not to judge, harass, bully, or any other alterior motives. Be careful where you meet new people because if you’re planning on talking to strangers face-to-face, then make sure you’re at a public store, park, mall, arcade, etc. If you don’t want to meet people directly, then there are plenty of apps, games, or sites to make new friends online. Whether you’re conversing online or in person, always make sure you’re safe and comfortable, and hopefully someday you’ll start a friendship that’ll last.

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3. Create a Bucket List

You’re never too young or old to accomplish your goals. Just grab a pen and paper or a laptop and start writing some things you’d like to accomplish for the future. Writing these goals on paper cannot only solve your boredom but it’ll help you put into perspective what matters most to you in life. Not to mention you’ll have activities to do once you’re done with the list.

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4. Teach yourself a New Talent

There are many talents that only need some time, dedication, and patience to master. For instance you can learn how to juggle, create origami, sketch, play a sport, or even learn a new language. With some downtime and possibly a bit of money any of these activities are possible. Juggling is inexpensive, and would only require the purchase of 3 juggling balls to truly master the basics. Or, instead of professional juggling balls, three similar objects such as baseballs, apples, oranges, and beanbags are possible to use but are most likely trickier. With origami you could just cut out a square from a normal white piece of paper, and the same paper could be used for sketching. If you have access to the Internet there are thousands of language videos, so that could take hours just to find which language to learn and the best method for you.

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