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12 January 2014
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I chose 4 different juices to try (there are several more options) along with 3 elixir shots. My favorite juice is the pineapple + apple, and my favorite shot was the ginger, lemon and cayenne. I couldn’t finish the rest of the shots they are that intense, but my dad enjoyed them!




Along with goodies in the cooler, Liquiteria offers a huge selection of gluten-free and dairy-free treats for you to take home, like brownies made with cacao and almond flour, scones made with brown rice flour, and quinoa granola bars!




This is oatmeal with almond milk topped with raisins, cinnamon, apples and berries.



Today on “A Stop Along the Way” (I sound like a TV ad here) I bring you Liquiteria, New York City’s Original Cold Pressed Juice joint. I’ve known about Liquiteria for quite some time now, but with 2 up and coming locations in NYC (as well as plans to expand across the country) I had to stop in and see what the commotion was about.
The original location is on 2nd Avenue, close to Union Square. What looks like a normal corner store joint is a health junkie’s playground. This is the largest Liquiteria location, so the seating inside allows you to grab breakfast or a juice and people watch on your way to work or on a lazy Sunday morning. Everything at Liquiteria is made to order, besides the fresh to-go meals and juices inside the cooler (that are made that day and pre-packed, the food comes from a raw chef in a neighboring state). With items like peanut butter acai bowls (the best one I’ve ever tasted) and green juices to “skinny” smoothies with strawberry and banana, Liquiteria is for the health nut and everyone in between.
A large concern for many when purchasing raw/organic foods is the price. Why spend $7.50 on a small bottle of cold pressed coconut water when you can spend $4 on 2 servings at Walmart? The difference is obvious. Compare Liquiteria’s cold pressed coconut water to Vita Coco and you can taste the difference. This one seems cleaner, fresher, and with a more rich and delicate taste. And what the heck is whey protein and liver kidney lymph detox? Are we back in science class here? Both are common superfood additions to add to smoothies and juices, which are created right in front of your eyes at the juice bar. 
“Our cold pressed juice is packed with easily digestible raw vitamins, minerals and enzymes from fresh fruits and vegetables, flooding your body with wholesome nutrition with the nourishment you crave.”
Along with the delicious tasting juices,  the food is a strong competition. Everything from toasted yams made with coconut oil and turmeric, packaged and ready for you to take home and eat up, to kale and salmon salad to incredibly satisfying chocolate chia seed pudding is available. On the menu made in kitchen, you can choose warm and hearty oatmeal topped with additions of your choosing, as well as acai bowls (see my recipe for one here, made with almond milk and blended acai). I recommend the peanut butter acai bowl, topped with granola and a rich, indulgent layer of fresh peanut butter. 
For those of you into nutrition, and those of you aren’t as in to the trend, Liquiteria has something for everyone. Make sure to stop by the 2nd Avenue location, the Chelsea location, and the new Union Square location!
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    Julieth Zuleta says:

    I was looking a complete review about Liquiteria a long time ago!!
    Thank you so much for sharing this info.
    Hope to visit it in my next trip to NY 🙂

    Best wishes,

    Julieth Zuleta

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