5 Tips to Stop Procrastinating

22 March 2018

Whether you’re a child, adolescent, teen, adult, or elder, everyone procrastinated at one point or continues to procrastinate in their daily lives. Procrastination, while a natural tendency, can have major negative influences on one’s life. This habit can get annoying for an individual or those surrounding them, so it’s important to figure out ways to break it when needed. If procrastination is never fixed it can end up harming one’s reputation, time, anxiety, and will cause more stress than what’s necessary.

1. Set a Schedule

If you’re having trouble making time for your work or simply don’t want to complete it, creating a schedule can help. A schedule consists of a set time for everything that’ll take place in a day. For instance, most people eat breakfast between 6-8 a.m. so for a schedule, that would be the allotted time to eat breakfast for most days. Besides eating, you may reserve time for break, showering, school, work, and then for the tasks that need to be done and not procrastinated. Everyday, set a specific time to complete or continue the tasks that need to get done, and try your hardest to maintain and comply to that schedule.
Procrastinate 1 schedule

2. Work With Someone

Working with a friend, schoolmate, acquaintance, parent, or anyone else is a fantastic way to get work done, as long as you concentrate. Together, you and your schoolmate(s) will be able to conquer the tasks, and will keep each other focused on the work.
Procrastinate 2 work together

3. Remove the Distractions

If you’re procrastinating because your phone keeps buzzing, you’re too busy watching TV, or you’re too much into a videogame, then those are distractions that can easily be avoided. Turn off the phone, mute it, turn it over, put it in a different room, anything will suffice to make it not so tempting. If possible, sit somewhere that isn’t full of disturbances such as a classroom, outside, or even in your attack. Turning off or even getting away from the diversions can make a task get done a lot quicker, faster, and with less stress.
phone off

4. Have Enough Energy

When you’re completing a task you can easily get sidetracked if you’re tired, hungry, or thirsty. Be well prepared to work by getting a good night’s sleep or taking a long nap beforehand so you can concentrate and won’t get sleepy. A stomach growling can also cause a lack of working capability so eat before you work and make sure to have something to drink nearby incase you get thirsty.
procrastinate drink

5. Get Comfortable

Being in the right setting while working is mandatory to have the best quality of material produced. If you’re uncomfortable where you are, your nervousness, stress, and anxiety will most likely resemble in your work. If you don’t like working outdoors or at a local coffee shop then work in your home away from distractions with a full belly in a quite location. Make sure the temperature is right where you won’t be too hot or cold, and have everything necessary to work, such a pens/pencils, laptop, paper, etc.
Procrastinate Comfort


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