4 Reasons Why Exercise Rules

4 May 2018

Doesn’t the word “exercise” sound so tiring? Like, if the word exercise was the word flying or something, I think we’d all jump at the idea. And that’s without even putting any cardio time in! We’d all probably much rather curl up on the couch with a good book than run outside, but there are a ton of reasons why exercise will drastically improve your life. You don’t have to spend hours at the gym or working out with an app on your cell phone either: I’ll be on a walk to the coffee shop and do some squats to get my heart rate up when I’m at a red light. You’d be surprised at how much clearer you will mentally feel when you get your sweat on everyday! When it comes down to the concept of exercising, it should go beyond the idea of a lifestyle but more of an everyday essential. Why?

1. Health: Whether it is recommended by the doctor or not, exercising is very important for your body. It is known that the people that live longer are the ones that commit to healthy eating and consistent exercising. That doesn’t mean you have to give up any foods or go on some crazy diet- I’m pretty against those, as you know. This is more about making a lifestyle choice. If you have any type of diabetes or heart problems in your family, exercising is even more important!

2. Stress: Stress eating is never a good idea and neither is just sitting on the couch freaking out. Instead of turning to food to feel better, you might find that exercising will have you feeling a lot more stable. Going outside for fresh air can really life the weight off of your shoulders. Have no time to kill? How about doing a short 5-minute exercise routine wherever you are to get your brain flowing and endorphines running?

3. Anxiety: Running is highly recommended over any medication when it comes to dealing with anxiety. By maintaining a consistent fitness routine, you’ll notice that your anxiety will actually start running away from you! Running, hiking or even swimming is best for when you’re feeling stressed. 

4. Overall mood: There is not one person I’ve seen unhappy after a solid workout. It’s what I do to clear my head everyday. By setting out a plan to workout at least 3x a week, you are building a stable routine and a foundation for yourself. By doing that, it creates less stress, and it gives you something to look forward to on those rough days at work/school. There is absolutely no downside to exercising: and wearing a super cute outfit in the gym will only make you feel even more excited to workout! 


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