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23 January 2017

Media Impact and Navigation for Teens is turning into something that I never expected it to become. What began as an idea is now becoming a full company + nonprofit. I’m excited to begin the steps to make M.I.N.T into an official nonprofit, but it’s going to be a process that may take longer than me finishing my book will take. But that’s the cool thing about dreams: you can’t give up on them.

KSL Development shot the video, and beGlammed gave me personal hair and makeup right in my hotel room to feature. People constantly ask me what my daily routine is, and it’s usually along the lines of what I’m doing in this video depending on what city I’m in. I always make sure to get a cupcake, workout at a gym or with my trainer, and try and inspire one or two people along the way.

Lots of love to my boyfriend + everyone who made this video possible, as well as the team at Pix 11 for asking to interview me on their Changemakers segment. I can’t wait for you guys to see it!

Follow M.I.N.T on social media at MINTNAV.

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