The First MINT!

26 September 2016

The past few days have been rough. I’ve been going through some personal stuff in my life, stuff that I never thought I’d be going through because I frequently run on 100 MPH. Between traveling, TV segments, blog posts, MINT, and everything else, my life is a whirlwind 24/7. I find that I work best on high levels of stress, so my body doesn’t really mind it, but this weekend, it hit me.

Being 18 and owning a business isn’t easy. I show you guys what’s most inspirational for you to see: the TV segments where I look my best (I don’t wake up in hair and makeup, if you didn’t know that already!) and the phenomenal travel I’m lucky to go on… Occasionally, it just becomes too much for my little 18 year old soul. So that’s what happened this weekend. I needed a few days to hang out at home, in my bed, watching Netflix and eating chocolate to reboot.

What helps me when I’m feeling down? Working out, writing, and cooking. Today, I got up, spilt coffee on my laptop and it died, and ended up at Soul Cycle by my apartment to sweat out my anger. If you’re feeling down, I highly suggest working out. Those endorphin runs cure just about everything!

The first MINT discussion is being held TOMORROW at British International School of Boston. If you’re curious about with MINT is, check out the Huffington post article here. If you want to come, DM me or email me at and I’ll send you more info!




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