Shooting with Bridg-it

25 August 2016

Primark dress and sneakers, Blo Blow Dry Bar hair and makeup

Yesterday was one of the longest days of my life, or it felt like it. I woke up and headed to Blo in the South End of Boston, where I got my hair and makeup down before my shoot with Bridg-it!

Since I’m officially the Bridg-it spokesperson, it’s really important to me that I have as much knowledge on bullying as possible. I learned a new statistic yesterday, which is that 1/7 kids in grades K-12 are a bully or a victim of bullying. What can we do, as a world and community, to drastically bring that statistic now?

Between my project, MINT, and Bridg-it, I have high hopes that over the next few years, we can work together to deter the bullying rate and continue to inspire more young adults to be confident and follow their dreams.

The caption yesterday on my Instagram post was:

I had this weird realization at the gym yesterday that I no longer have the body I had when I was modeling. I have curves, I have muscle, I have fat on my body! Regardless of what I eat or how much I workout, my body will look like this. And that’s okay. Cause this girl is much better than the girl that used to workout for 3 hours a day, and count the calories of an apple. 

As open as that caption may sound, it’s something I’ve been realizing every time I go to the gym. I look at myself in the mirror, whether I’m in barre or boxing, running or swimming, and see muscle, fat, and skin on my body. I get a little worked up over it, because as I said, I’m not a size 00 with abs and a perfectly chiseled face structure. As much as I want to look like that, I never will.

And accepting who you are is the first step to getting closer to loving yourself.

If you’re in LA, make sure to tune in to GOOD DAY LA (!!!) tomorrow morning to catch me talking about cheap and trendy fashion looks!


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