Jack Wills x GDW

7 July 2016

Jack Wills clothing, Aldo shoesExpress jewelry

HAIR AND MAKEUP BY THE AMAZING LAUREN DIANA IN DC. She’s one of my favorite girls in the entire world, and is always so professional and on time. I couldn’t ask for a better glam girl when I’m in town. 

I just wrapped up a shoot on summer essentials with Great Day Washington! You can see it here.

I wore clothing from three brands that I’m slowly falling in love with: Jack WillsAldo and ExpressJack Wills is a fantastic European brand that also has flagships across the U.S. I went into their Newbury Street store last week in Boston and picked out a few new outfits, including what I wore above. I’m not one to love wearing a white Easter style dress like the one above, but immediately after trying it on in their store, I fell in love. The beautiful lace print mixed with the elegant long length is a recipe for success. Right before I walked on set, I almost put the striped blue blazer on, but decided to take it off because I didn’t totally feel 100% myself with the blazer on. My best advice for dressing is to always wear what makes you feel amazing. If you don’t feel like the beautiful person you are with what you’re wearing, than you should take off the piece and switch it out. You’d be surprised at how much more confident a few simple outfit changes can make you.

Brands I discussed were Crispy Green, Style Edit, Travalo, Mr. Swim, Zeel, Spray Perfect and Cassette Company. These brands are some of my beach favs, from fun sunglasses to swim shorts (for the guys!) and perfect dry shampoo. You don’t have to spend a ton to look chic and give chic gifts to your friends/summer brides!

Zeel and Mr. Swim NY gave me a discount code for you to use, too! For Zeel: use code GREATDAY and the code for Mr. Swim is GDW20. 

See more on a YouTube video airing tomorrow!


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