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3 July 2016

Joie clothing, Express sandals

There’s a few places in Manhattan that I can go to more than once and not get bored of. During the summer, you can find me at literally any rooftop (in Brooklyn OR Manhattan) or any place with a pool. A few weeks ago, the Dream Downtown invited me to stay over for a few nights in their swanky Chelsea hotel. During the summer, the place is swamped with models, fashionistas, and cute boys hanging by the pool at staying upstairs. PHD, which is a popular nightclub, is located inside the Dream too, so once 9 PM hits, the place is a madhouse. If I’m not hitting up PHD with my girls, you can catch me sitting by the pool (avoiding people at all costs LOL).

Joie has been providing a selection of clothing for me to wear throughout the summer, and my girl Samantha (we interned together at Guest of a Guest) put this outfit together when I was way too lazy to do any styling. I’m obsessed with these silk pants and the classy jacket: they go together perfectly. I love Joie because you can literally wear the line anywhere. If you’re sitting by the pool, wear Joie. If you have a business meeting, wear this blazer and top. If you’re going out with your girls or have a date night, wear one of their pretty and breezy frocks. Can you tell how obsessed I am with the brand?

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