My Sister Got Married!

30 May 2016

Beyman flats, Zara top, Anthropologie jacket, J.Crew pants, Studdly necklace

One of the reasons I went to Europe was because my sister got married in Istanbul, Turkey. I decided to add on a few cities I had been wanting to see at the beginning of the trip, and then I flew from Copenhagen to Istanbul and met the rest of my family there. I’ve never been to a wedding, and definitely not a Turkish wedding. Imagine any wedding you’ve ever been to, x1000. We’re talking more people, bigger dresses, higher heels, cuter boys…haha! Just kidding, but not really. I can’t imagine a regular wedding after having attended this bash. Actually, looking back, it’s kind of scary how intense a Turkish wedding is. My sister spent 8+ hours on her feet in a dress that’s literally bigger than her, her fiancee, and me: combined! That’s true dedication.

On the Friday evening before the wedding, there was a beautiful cocktail reception at a restaurant overlooking the Bosphorus on top of Instanbul. I wore a green Zara dress, and then changed when the group went out afterwards into a more comfortable outfit. The weather wasn’t super warm, and when you’re planning on dancing all night, the first priority is comfort over style. I managed to convince my sister to let me steal half her stunning closet, so I rocked these adorable silver oxford flats for most of the trip. They’re from a Turkish based company called Beyman, which is the Neiman’s of Turkey.

My sister and I fight. A LOT. We’re like two pitbulls who absolutely despise each other yet love each other more than anything at the end of the day. We don’t have much family, and we’ve come to realize that that’s all that matters at the end of the day. Why waste time fighting when life is seriously way too short? Congrats sista, on the next chapter of your life. I can’t wait to be a part of it with you! And I can’t wait to continue stealing your wardrobe!


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