Great Day Houston: More Than Prom

14 April 2016

Looks provided by Elements Jill Schwartz, PromGirl, Tiannia Barnes

I just wrapped up my last segment before I leave for Europe, which is a bit of a relief considering I’ve been traveling nonstop since December. I’ve had a blast talking about prom style in my past two segments, since I know girls anticipate prom for basically their entire high school life. They didn’t have a chance to air my prom picture, but do you guys remember when I went to prom last year and wore that huge ballgown? My high school prom was a night to remember!

Hair and makeup was done by Nail Garden, which just opened Houston, and has other branches in cities like Los Angeles. I’m pretty sure Nail Garden is popular with the celebrity crowd, so having celeb worthy stylists in my hotel room this morning was a blast! They arrived on time,  and did my hair and makeup quicker than I’ve ever seen before. I always get a tad stressed before my segment goes live, in terms of making sure I say the right things and don’t fall on stage, so having effective hair and makeup artists is a huge bonus for me. If you’re in Houston and need incredible hair styling, makeup, or rad nails, go to Nail Garden!

The pictures above explain themselves (how hot did my models look!) and all of the clothing was provided by PromGirl, which is one of the only reliable retailers that houses every designer and dress for your dream prom. I tried to give my models looks that they could also wear to places other than prom, especially since the shoes and jewelry weren’t solely prom accessories. I’ve been featuring tons of eclectic jewelry lately, which has all been via Elements Jill SchwartzI’m a huge fan of the designer and her line: she’s super sweet, and all of her pieces are unique and totally one of a kind. Having a prom dress (and jewelry/shoes) that you can wear again makes splurging a bit totally worth it to me.

Sherri Hill Red Dress ($350)

Faviana Cutout Dress ($298) 

Beaded Illusion Dress

Hope you tuned in and LOVED the piece!

Watch my segment on @GreatDayHouston from this morning HERE!


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